Interview Jeanne my sister Jeanne n°5

After the success of your long coats, why the short jacket? Is this a big comeback?

I simply wanted something else, to explore both a different volume and to offer a silhouette that works just as well with a dress than with pants. So yes, you could think that I was inspired by the famous bombers that we all wore as teenagers and that we passed down from sister to sister and which is making a comeback. But it's not so much this legendary item that I had in mind, but more generally a small short women's jacket.

Ashort jacket 80, an exquisite period in terms of creation that I never tire of, as you know. This is particularly reflected in the batwing sleeve, which is one of the particularities of this jacket, and which is not at all a bomber jacket for once. As well as the seams at each end, they give a very fashionable, very trendy, very creative effect.

In all cases, 80s women's jacket or  90s women's jacket, I hope it's especially the fashionable little jacket for spring 24.

And then the short jacket whatever we say, it’s often quite flattering for a silhouette….

Let's talk about it, its particularities. This jacket promises to be your new best-seller, right? 

Women's short jacket

And I claim that it has a little haute-couture side!

I take that as a compliment. You're right, this jacket is very well crafted. I can even say that it is the result of long hours of discussions and other “headaches” with Christine, my modeler (for those who don't know her yet, my right arm and my left brain). This is evidenced by the seams that highlight its cutouts, as well as the hidden pockets.

You know that when I designed it for the first time, I was convinced that this silhouette existed. I went to see the iconic designer jackets of the 80s Saint-Laurent, Montana, Mugler, Armani etc. I found similar shapes at Dior and especially at Issey Myaké but from the 90s. Weird. In fact this women's jacket, short, ball at the back and flat at the front, is really a reinterpretation of couture fashion from the 80s, 90s... And if you Saying that it’s haute couture makes me really happy.​

In fact, it’s a development that really took us a lot of time. I have rarely made so many prototypes, with so many adjustments.


What advantages does this garment have, apart from its functional side? It's no secret that you cycle through Paris in all weathers, like many of your clients...

To cycle all year round, whatever the bad weather, I must admit that I like being wrapped in a long coat (but not too long, watch out for the rays...). This jacket is the opposite. No more big superimposed layers, we tackle the openings, we close the hatches, we insulate. The idea is the motorcycle jacket, (still very 80s) with a biker collar tightened at the top, tightened at the wrist, tightened at the waist. In front we have a deliberately large flap which seals the opening and insulates from the wind, like with the perfecto, no draft in sight.

Well, the motorcycle was before. Today it's the bike. SIXSŒURS launches the first fashion and couture bicycle jacket. I said it!

But be careful, this is not a technical garment, it can be worn during the day as well as in the evening, in cool or more chic fashion.

You have produced this little women's jacket in several versions, is that right?

In fact, it gives a small women's jacket in beige wool, or heather gray, or with blue and off-white chevrons (our chevron pattern from the current Spring Summer 24 collection). Without forgetting a pretty faded denim jean bought in Italy, which gives it a little more casual and sporty look, shall we say. A little more cycling.