The day my sister Madeleine got our collabLa Redoute x SIXSOEURS

Interview Jeanne my sister Jeanne n°2

For the release of the La Redoute X SIXSOEURS collection

Jeanne Ably, the 4th sister, journalist at Informations Dieppoises (Upper Normandy)

Jeanne, my sister Jeanne: La Redoute Remember the hours we spent as children leafing through his catalog and cutting out pages. Not to mention the orders we placed with him, waiting for the package to arrive like a gift from Santa? How come you were approached by them? Tell ! 

I received an email from the director of collaborators and creators, Sylvette Lepers, in the fall, discussing the possibility of working together. They particularly liked the SIXSŒURS universe and the way of offering fashion made in Paris.  Neither one nor two, I canceled my Christmas vacation to provide the first sketches in mid-January. And there we were, off we went for the La Redoute X SIXSŒURS collab. 


What is the concept of this La Redoute X SIXSOEURS collaboration?  

Marrying two worlds: that of SIXSŒURS, which has a rather strong DNA, which is defined by a graphic, architectural, singular and easy-to-wear style, with that of la Redoute, which is aimed at a wider audience. I had to adapt my design by creating a collection that was not too eccentric, still graphic and very identified with SIXSŒURS, but even more easy to wear. Obviously, I composed more affordable pieces. A real challenge for me and the opportunity for SIXSŒURS, if I may say so, to “democratize” itself, by allowing younger people and those with more modest means to afford my clothes. Which I care about a lot. This fall, there will be SIXSŒURS of MERCI at La Redoute, and that’s great!!!


What will the La Redoute 

This collection includes a snow black denim jumpsuit, a loose velvet kimono jacket, a large checked wool coat, bright pink pants, a bright green top and surprise… a jacket patchwork! We will obviously find the graphic and “architectural” line inspired by the Japanese wardrobe specific to SIXSŒURS, as well as its bright colors and its volumes which I was keen to highlight once again.

There are really a lot of similarities with our SIXSŒURS AH 22 collection. For example, I am offering for la Redoute large ribbed velvet pants in blue, fuchsia, purple, gray, purple, caramel… also very bright.


What about the banana, which is your bestseller?

La Redoute immediately told me about my banana, which is a real success, and which I ship to the four corners of the world. But I admit that it is a piece that, for the moment, I am saving for myself. Moreover, for this fall, we are going to innovate by offering it in exclusive fabrics, with, attention info in preview, a leopard banana, and a revisited volume .

What does this La Redoute X SIXSOEURS collaboration with la Redoute mean to you? What do you think it will bring you in terms of visibility and notoriety? 

La Redoute is for me a real story of family and adolescence. First memory of the “emotion of purchase”, so to speak.  It must be said that we consumed much less at the time. Now, with La Redoute, we had the right, once or twice a year, to buy without counting too much, in a kind of joyful fever. We gathered, all six sisters, around our mother who made the famous call on the landline. Communication opened the doors to paradise for us. The wait was already a joy. And then, there were La Redoute's first collaborations with Vanessa Bruno and Isabel Marant, and we saved up to afford certain pieces. Same when I furnished my first apartment: I ordered from La Redoute. It is, in addition to a French company, which has roots in the North of France, like our mother. 

Starting a collaboration with a person such as Sylvette Lepers, who has a strong personality and who has extensive experience in the world of fashion, is for me a most enriching experience. This is especially true since she leaves me with great initiative. I was also lucky enough to be able to work very closely and confidently with their teams in Roubaix, where I visited several times, giving me the opportunity to discover their way of working.  I hope to be able to repeat the La Redoute X SIXSŒURS experience, and thus allow SIXSŒURS to gain visibility, even if we already have more and more points of sale in France and soon abroad.

Finally, can you tell me a few words about the new SIXSOEURS collection? 

There will be, among other things, a new jacket, Valentina, oversize, our new iconic model that we had available in wool and then in velvet exclusive blue color, like a little “Japanese-inspired” cape, made in Italian wool, with a beige and purple mottled chevron pattern. We will also find a velvet version (finally!) of the Marche à l'Ombre trucker cap, a new version of our beloved fanny pack, larger and in printed fabrics, as well as a stylish and resolutely French made. Honor as usual, to the large coats cut from very beautiful woolens from Portugal and Italy. And, for the first time, I created a skirt in a purple fabric with hearts, and another in leopard. These are my first skirts. The fall where everything happens!