Interview Jeanne my sister Jeanne n°6

Jeanne Ably, the 4th sister, journalist at Informations Dieppoises (Haute Normandie)

Women's tennis fashion trends: how to adopt the SIXSŒURS women's tennis style? 

At SIXSŒURS tennis is a family affair. Everyone plays, even Jeanne mother, who finds herself ranked this year for the first time in her career at 78 years old! Moreover, our parents once met on the Normandy coast at the Saint-Aubin-sur-Mer Club, a few kilometers from that of Veules-les-Roses, taken over two years ago by Matthieu and Lucie (the penultimate of the 6 sisters) and where we have just shot our film.

And what's more, the next generation is assured there: Solange, Charles, Tristan, Louis, Martin, Basile..  all our children are already playing and typing stronger than their mothers. 2024 was therefore really the time for SIXSŒURS to take up tennis. Besides, it’s no coincidence that I called my shorts Charles, Louis, Martin and < span style="text-decoration:underline">Tristan.

Did you really want to combine women's tennis style and fashion?

Of course. This sport is part of the family DNA and therefore that of SIXSŒURS. Tennis is a unique sport, very different from others. Just the red of the clay, which colors shoes and clothes, I find ultra-aesthetic. Not to mention the sleeveless sweaters with large knits, the Lacoste polo shirt which has become mythological, or even the “Stan Smith”, a shoe seen a thousand times but which remains the height of chic and sobriety. It’s the only “tennis” that my father – a good player in his time – ever wore, on and off the court. There is also the Dorotennis logo, the Reebok Revenge Club, Agassi's denim shorts, which are a little limited in fact. And then every year I watched for new looks from Roland Garros. There were Noah's polo shirts. The most beautiful by far. I also remember Monica Seles' victory at Roland Garros in 1990 against Steffi Graf. I was all for Graf, but Seles' Roland Garros Fila look was super cool. However, the best of all remains in my eyes – by far – Chris Evert, model of grace and achievements, with his tops with pink stripes, which coincided with the appearance of the pop visors that made me dream. We had the exceptional right to watch TV (banned the rest of the time) thanks to a set that our father had purchased to follow the Roland-Garros matches. 

So you would have been vaguely inspired by Chris Evert to create your capsule? Have you seen Iga Swiatek's look?

Yes Iga has the pink cap and like a pink line sprayed on her polo shirt. But already she no longer has it for Roland Garros and I don't think it was a reference to Chris Evert. She's great Iga, she's incredible on the pitch, she's nice, she's young, but looks-wise she's not Chris Evert.

I clearly thought of her when wondering what SIXSŒURS outfit would be imaginable on the Central of Roland-Garros. I looked at lots of old photos of her on the internet. Hence these very eighties volumes, which allow total freedom of movement, particularly when serving. Talk to me again sometime. However, I “rationed” the white, still more or less obligatory at that time (and which remains so at Wimbledon). At first I thought about putting white vertical panels on the sides, and eventually I put the pattern everywhere. This is to avoid the overly sportswear side, because what I offer must also be worn off the courts, in the city, at the beach. And I took out the pink tennis outfit with the Katell top and the Tristan shorts first.

But you, Jeanne, who is THE champion of the family, what do you think of this cotton model? Do you like it or not? Do you have a color that speaks to you?

I won't say it will change my life, but almost. I will finally be able to wear an outfit that I will wear outside of matches, at the beach or at the Club bar, when I play in a more casual summer with my family. This, without losing any of the comfort of the more functional outfits that I am used to wearing in competition, which, we can say, are much less pretty and becoming and sometimes even tend towards a weightlifter's look, which It's not what I prefer.

Besides, the outfit that I prefer, that I find the most stylish, is the complete blue outfit. The total look with the Ankita top and the Charles shorts (it said it's my son's name 😊). I really love it because I think it's the one that gives the most a stylish women's tennis style and what's more, the blue really complements the purple.. I love it. Well done my sister.

All that's missing is the visor, just like Monica Seles, or Venus Williams, I think. Are you not tempted, Madeleine, to produce one, given the success of your caps? If you come, I'll already reserve one or two for myself!

I almost designed one but I reasoned with myself. The idea for a first collection was not to take on too much, to start with just the outfit. But I promise, next year, we'll think about cuffs and headbands. And why not some socks, while we’re at it? But I won’t say more…

I didn't ask you if you are happy with the little film filmed at the Veules-le-Roses club? 

Very happy, more than delighted. Sixsœurs was built around a family culture and is based on a kind of nostalgia, particularly those of the clothes of our adolescence and those worn by our mother, a true fashion icon in her time. When I see my own sisters playing tennis, a sport that rocked our young years, with my creations on their backs, what pleasure and what pride! The crowning achievement will be that you wear them during a really important match, and that Lucie sells them to the Club de Veules. There, yes, I would say to myself that the circle is closed.