A quilted jacket, my childhood dream.

When we were little, our mother sewed us quilted clothes, making the quilting herself, sewing line after line of the fabric lined with a layer of wadding. Fairy work.

Summer and winter, in their Norman village, the six little girls walked the sunken paths dressed in clothes and especially in padded jacketspink paisley pattern, indenimvelvetliberty and very soon leopard.


Today, I remain passionate about quilted jackets

We have carefully kept these coats and these quilted jackets, passed from sister to sister. Now our girls wear them. Patched together, we love them even more. They are our entire childhood. They speak of our mother's talent.

​Today I keep the passion for quilted jackets. I collect them, preferably vintage. New, they are manufactured too far away. Almost all come from India.

Lately I've had a few problems with military jacket linings. More robust, more adventurous, less bourgeois, they have contributed a lot to what I consider to be jackets in their own right and more accessories that we cover. If you are looking for some, I advise you to take a trip to the Saint-Ouen flea market, rummage through the surplus bins opposite Beatnik on rue Paul Bert. A word of advice: get up early, because when your Tokyo friends show up, half the time they take the whole ferry. So you deserve a beautiful quilted jacket! Because it’s not that common to have a beautiful quilted jacket…


DJANGO the new leopard quilted jacket

I also had a big crush on leopard, so I created Léopoldine, our quilted jacket in our exclusive leopard print. ​

Sold out in a week, many of you have told us of your disappointment. The good news is that we have just reissued it in a revised form, with lots of small changes. 

DJANGO leopard, our brand new quilted jacket, was released with our SS24 pre-collection SIXSOEURS l'Exploratrice

Hoping that it will delight you as much as the previous ones. 

Create the ideal quilted jacket. 

Summer 2019, the project is taking shape.

Creating the ideal quilted jacket, made in France, by choosing the pattern and fabricthat would belong only to me …I imagine it in linen, a material that I love so much, with vintage-inspired quilting, of course, I even have in mind these old quilted linings from the army…

So I meets Emmanuel, whose company has specialized in quilting and embroidery since 1936. They are based near Cambrai in the north of France and enjoy a worldwide reputation. We work in perfect harmony. I had several tests made, several drawings, and, after a few months, I kept two, Mona and Lisa, the first of a wholea future series of quilted jackets in France and made in Paris. 

To meet them and discover their work in images, follow me in the video below.


The Gods of Quilting

French know-how, it would be a shame to deprive yourself of it! I'm taking you with me to Cambrai to meet the Baudchon company and its outstanding team. Yes, Baudchon is THE reference in quilting ;-)