The fashion reference for fanny packs is made in Paris.


The new XL format banana is still made in Paris.

Interview Jeanne my sister Jeanne n°6. Jeanne Ably, the 4th sister, journalist at Informations Dieppoises (Upper Normandy)
The new corduroy fanny pack for women from SIXSŒURS can be worn “more than ever slung across the front”, and it is still made in Paris.

Released at the beginning of February, the newSIXSŒURS fanny packwas sold out after just ten days. A sign of general expectations among the brand's customers, or proof of the success specific to this new model?

Wow, in such a short time, well done! How do you explain this success? 

I am the first to be surprised and happy. If I had to risk an explanation, I would say that SIX SISTERS and the banana is a winning combo. In any case, I think that the banana has a lot to do with the success of the brand. Not that we invented anything, since, at the time of its creation, we already found a few bananas here and there. But our merit was to radically feminize the concept, notably by shaping it incorduroy.

How did you come up with the idea for this new model?

Just like the XL fanny pack version - the second - born from numerous observations (including your own observations, who complained not being able to put your book in it when you took the train, right?), this new model meets the expectations of my customers who asked for a bag that closes. The idea was therefore to satisfy a functional need. Hence this model with azipperand a pocket on the front to put the keys to your bike lock, for example (laughs). I say that because, you know, many of my clients travel on two wheels. But I also think of others, who travel by metro or bus, and who will feel safer during rush hours thanks to this zip. And then, above all, I wanted a new, more slender shape, less rectangular, closer in short to the original – the small one in SIXSŒURS corduroy. That's why I named it the Banana Hammock. Its volumes are also closer to the banana of the 80s (besides Banana Hamac it's a private joke in reference to Bananarama... 80' at full tilt).

< em>Exactly, tell me more about these volumes. And this velvet, which is, to say the least, original, while we're at it?

You know my taste for oversize. Just as I love slightly exaggerated cuts (“my sister, you just made an oxymoron”), I really care about the preeminence of the fabric. Witness my huge herringbone jackets. So I sent 3 types of velvet to my manufacturer, two of which were impossible chevrons. He came back to me with this coarse ribbed velvet: a great way to maintain a specificity that I value so much, but also to give even more importance to the raw material. And I insist on one point: the idea was indeed to evolve the form while remaining on the same quality standards.  

So no more leopard prints, little hearts, make way for velvet and that alone, then?

Not quite. Aficionados will find some leopard models in the new form, in limited edition: particularly for those who were unable to benefit from the previous version, the Graou and Libbi XL, which were very quickly sold out. And, new, there will be some models in French black denim (jean) canvas. Original fabric, too, and which I particularly like for its slightly mottled look.

Well, what if not? I know you, you must have had a lot of trouble. How much time passed? How many sketches? And is this new banana still made in Paris? 

Yes, of course! Always in Paris! And with the same manufacturers, with whom we hope to maintain this collaboration as long as possible, because they have incredible talent. They practice it not only with us, by the way, but with a bunch of workshops for ultra-prestigious brands in the world of fashion.

And, yes, of course, you know: there were a lot of sketches before finding the desired shape. They resulted in around fifteen sketches. From the moment the project was born, until the first prototype, I would say that a good year has passed. 

How to wear this new fanny pack? 

In the back, like a courier or sailor's bag, even if I personally prefer to carry it across the front, a a bit like the little young people down the street from me who do “bikelife”. Or simply on the shoulder. Moreover, this new model can make you think, when you put it down and look at it, of a handbag. This may not be a coincidence. Let's not forget that originally, SIXSOEURS was a line of leather handbags - SIXSOEURS atelier - made in Normandy, in our stronghold. 

And what happens to the original banana? 

We won't part with it! As soon as we are lucky enough that a model pleases us, we must preserve it with almost fetishism. Moreover, it continues to be in high demand. It’s a bestseller, to speak like the booksellers. Even better, in my opinion: it’s a classic.  

Basically, the Sixsœurs banana is a bit like your own Birkin? 

Ah! ah! Yes, we can say that. And I admit that I am proud of it!