Interview Jeanne my sister Jeanne n°3Jeanne Ably, the 4th sister, journalist at Informations Dieppoises (Upper Normandy)

The “Walk in the Shadow” corduroy cap.

Take our favorite fabric. Combine it with the essential accessory for all summer and winter wardrobes. And here is the corduroy cap, which has become an iconic piece of the SIXSŒURS wardrobe. 

​Appeared last winter in three models, the unisex corduroy cap SIXSŒURS saw its stock sold out in less than two days. Its top quality material and its embroidered message "Walk in the Shadow" were a nod to Renaud's song and the cult film with the two Gérard, Gérard Jugnot, Gérard Lanvin and especially our Sophie Duez. For the record, the film will be 40 years old next year. Besides, for those who are seduced by the 80s, we have just released two Marche à L'ombre caps in snow denim: Janette in blue snow jeans and Amalia in black snow jeans.


But let's return to our corduroy caps, the undisputed stars of the winter period which is beginning, since it is without hesitation that we have decided to reissue these corduroy caps< /strong>. 

First of all, we have just released Ninon, in navy blue velvet, pink patch, it's new for winter 2023.

At the end of November, we are reissuing two colors canonical, original and so SIXSISTERS: Viochka, in purple color and Lolita, in a magnificent duck green, which will go perfectly with a winter wardrobe composed mainly of wool coats and jackets.

The Lolita look point

Its duck green goes perfectly with the Yvette coat with big green chevrons, or the < span style="text-decoration:underline">Nikilie coat, whose small chevrons mix khaki green, English green and beige.

But where does the SIXSŒURS velvet come from then? Of English origins but not only.

Sometimes considered just good for wrapping our grandfathers in, corduroy is in all cases an obvious choice at SIXSŒURS which carries high the flame of timeless fashion with details as refined as they are careful. Its best-sellers, to name just two, are the famous BEKONO fanny pack and the LOLA pilot jacket, both in pale pink velvet with large ribs.

Small cultural point, velvet comes from India, from Kashmir to be exact. Then he traveled to Italy and France at the end of the Middle Ages, beginning of the Renaissance. We all have in our heads that ridiculous minstrelle outfit with tights, shiny velvet puffy blouse, pointy shoes and bell-bottomed hat. Big big success at the time, which you won't find at SIXSŒURS. In short, it was much later in England that corduroy was invented. Less fragile, it camouflages stains and tears between its ribs. A big success in industrial England, corduroy is no longer fragile but robust and becomes cult.


Iconic fabric of the 70s where the bell-bottom pants triumphed, the corduroy was then somewhat neglected to reappear today in its glory with the SIXSŒURS cap Walk in the shade". Inspired by American baseball (full symbol of a nation) with its US college look patch, this adds to the sporty style, a retro-chic touch evoking another famous cap: that of Gavroche, brought up to date in the 2000s by haute couture houses, and worn in its time - such as today our unisex corduroy cap SIXSŒURS - as well by the strong>men than by women.

Matched, casually and slightly tilted over the head, with a sweatshirt hooded for a “sportwear” effect, or in cooler temperatures, an oversized coat or a woolen jacket, the corduroy cap “Marche à l’ombre” does it every time and it keeps you warm!

The Viochka look point

This purple Marche à L'ombre corduroy cap goes perfectly with our Charlie coat blue and beige diagonal weave, < a href="" target="_self">our Klint jeans , or to stay on thecorduroyourlavender pants Javotte .