SIXSŒURS fashion made in Paris

Paris has always been the fashion capital. There we find the largest haute couture and ready-to-wear houses, alongside them the best tailoring workshops, the best embroiderer artisans, the best pattern makers…

It is in this ecosystem rich in knowledge -do and in excellence, that SIXSOEURS evolves. The two tailoring workshops on which SIXSŒURS relies to put together its collections have launched the best Isabel Marant, Valentine Gauthier... and are currently collaborating with the most talented designers of the moment, Jacquemus, Heimstone.  (see the interview with Julie, director of one of the two Parisian workshops of SIXSŒURS, who tells us about her work with Madeleine, creative founder of SIXSŒURS)

Moreover, this extremely short circuit is in perfect agreement with the values ​​of the brand, which claims fashion with more conscience. This is obvious for Madeleine Ably, who was taught, from early childhood, to consume responsibly.

Exit manufacturing in large numbers. The collections are made in small series. The interest? Avoid waste and unsold items. The consequence ? At SIXSOEURS, there are never sales, because there are no stocks and no value chains to sell off. Prices are set fairly, respecting reasonable margins, at all levels.

A family story

In the Ably family, I ask for the mother, Jeanne. The one through whom the taste for clothing arrived. But not just any one. In the Norman tribe established in the Pays de Caux, we swear by the old. Used textiles, with a history, patinated by time. A bargain hunter, Jeanne runs through flea markets in search of these treasures, accompanied by her six daughters. To each of them — Madeleine, Angèle, Suzanne, Jeanne, Lucie and Alice — she transmits the art of transforming the old into new, desirable objects.

Stitching, sewing and assembling colorful fabrics become the fashion tics of siblings. Already, Madeleine – who without knowing it lays the foundations of her creativity – is shaping a wardrobe that is unlike anyone else. With her sisters, from whom she never separates, she founded an e-shop of vintage pieces. There you can find vintage clothing with flair and a line of recycled leather bags that the sisters make in a Normandy workshop. After years of discoveries that will delight a growing community, Madeleine embarks on a solo adventure... under the watchful eye (and with the helping hand) of her sisters.

The SIXSOEURS spirit

Why remain discreet when you have things to say? In 2016, Madeleine Ably decided to speak out by launching her brand, which she naturally calls SIXSOEURS. But there is no question of repeating the codes dictated by the trend. Madeleine invents her own vocabulary. In his sartorial grammar, it is above all a question of fabrics. The fabric lover places them at the heart of her wardrobe. Beautiful woolens, soft cottons and thick velvets that she selects with her lynx eye.

 For Madeleine, these materials are like white canvases that she enjoys covering with vibrant colors and original prints. The collections are brought to life by a joyful clash of gourmand pink, luminous green, electric blue, abundant checks, fine stripes, jumping hearts and leopard. An assumed exuberance of tones and patterns, some of which are exclusive to the brand.

They adorn an original wardrobe, a clever mix of bohemian style and androgyny, designed to beautify and accompany women's daily lives.

The volumes are ample, the architectural lines, the sleeves of the coats and jackets — the big stars of SIXSOEURS — are Japanese.

Multiple clothing facets which with a turn of the rope, the brand's signature accessory, emphasize the waist and transform the silhouette. “It’s real fashion that I want to bring to women, made up of robust and well-made pieces,” explains Madeleine. With a touch of originality to make life funnier and lighter. SIXSOEURS is above all a cloakroom of good humor. »

Slow Fashion

Fabric scraps are also recycled and preserved to make fantastic patchwork jackets. An artisanal technique mastered by Madeleine's mother and which the designer received as an inheritance. The result is a valuable upcycling line, with a strong emotional charge.

At SIXSOEURS, defending responsible fashion also involves geographical choices relevant. The brand reduces its environmental impact by sourcing its fabrics in Europe – Italy, France and Germany – and by favoring the short circuit for manufacturing.


It claims its roots in the capital of fashion and is proud to be stamped with the “Made in Paris” label. Working hand in hand with artisans with incomparable expertise is a great motivation for Madeleine Ably: “Manufacturing in Paris is very important to me. I can follow the collections from A to Z. Being close to the workshops makes it easy to change your mind, rethink the prints, modify the volumes... There is a permanent dialogue with the artisans. It's a real luxury. Not to mention the chance to see them work live and benefit from their immense skills. »

More than just professionals, these manufacturers are an integral part of the SIXSOEURS adventure. Through long-term collaboration, close relationships have been established. A human approach that fits the personality of Madeleine Ably who, wherever she goes, seeks to recreate a warm family spirit.

The flight of SIXSOEURS

A deliberately niche label, SIXSOEURS is appreciated for its authentic dressing room, full of character. A unique identity that could not go unnoticed by fashion professionals.

For several seasons, Merci, the Parisian lifestyle store, has opened its doors wide to the brand in which it recognizes a strong creative potential and essential environmental values. The shelves of one of the capital's most popular concept stores feature XXL wool coats, printed blouses, kimono jackets and loose velvet pants. All the signature pieces that have made SIXSOEURS successful since its launch. 

La Redoute, a great talent scout, was able to sniff out that of Madeleine Ably. For years, the brand has been highlighting young creators through relevant collaborations. For fall-winter 2022-2023, SIXSOEURS presents a capsule of 7 garments made with the know-how of La Redoute.

The clothes designed under the watchful eye of Sylvette Boutin-Lepers, Head of Images and Creators Partnerships at La Redoute, take up the label's codes between strong colors, worked prints, structured cuts and details that make the difference like games pressure.

Loving the collective, Madeleine Ably signs capsules with other fashion designers. With Julie Robinne, founder of L'Envers, an eco-responsible knitting brand, they imagined a creative conversation around the tastes and ethical values ​​that they have in common. They woven together the “Françoise” sweater. A knitted cardigan with XXL volume, featuring leg-of-mutton sleeves, available in a beige or plum color. It is knitted on demand, in family workshops in Spain. This model marks the meeting of their two worlds.

And Madeleine’s desire to multiply alliances with talents of her generation and established brands.

“An immense recognition of which I am very proud,” emphasizes Madeleine. With this capsule, I am going to meet a new audience and benefit from strong visibility. It is also a symbolic event. When we were little, I spent a lot of time with my sisters going through the catalog. We invented a wardrobe and decorated an imaginary house. I have fond memories of it. »

Open the door and enter the world of SIXSOEURS. Documentary series take you behind the scenes of the brand. Episodes during which you will follow in the footsteps of Madeleine Ably. She takes you to Normandy to visit her mother to reveal their shared passion for patchwork; she invites you to have tea with her sisters for a very intimate conversation; she takes you into the workshops of her dear manufacturers to understand how collections are born, in the hands of talented men and women. Generous videos, full of life, which share (almost!) all the manufacturing secrets of SIXSOEURS.

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